What is SFA? I summarized it.

SFA is an abbreviation for Sales Force Automation,  https://slimtime.co.jp/  which is a sales support system.

By inputting the daily sales process, sales representatives can manage customers and the negotiation process.

By introducing SFA, you can

Improve the efficiency of sales process

Visualization of the sales process

Standardization of the sales process

Standardization of sales process.

Difference between CRM and MA

MA: Managing prospective customers at the stage of interest, concern, and information gathering

SFA: To manage prospective customers who are in the process of purchase consideration or negotiation

CRM: To manage existing customers.

Advantages of SFA implementation

Visualization of sales activities

Standardization of sales activities

Improve efficiency of sales activities

Disadvantages of implementing SFA

It takes time to input sales activities.

Key points for successful use of SFA

Explain the purpose and benefits of SFA.

Introduce the right tool for your company

Restructure the sales process.

If used well, SFA is a sales tool that can increase sales while lightening the burden on salespeople.

It is necessary to select the most suitable service for your company by comparing services that can maximize the benefits while minimizing the disadvantages.

To do this, it is necessary to choose a service that allows you to actually use a free trial and hear from a salesperson who has actually touched it, rather than share it.

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